Purchasing & Procurement Division/ GPO

Y-Logimed is the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) for the Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers of Hellenic Healthcare Group, in Greece and Cyprus.

Through a dynamic combination managing large volumes of purchases and transactions, we provide specialized services for the procurement and purchase of medical devices supplying the Group’s hospitals with more than 5,000 codes daily, continuously, and uninterrupted, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the necessary material resources to provide high quality treatment and patient care.

Our strategy is based on the consolidation of our purchases, continuous analysis and monitoring of data of medical devices both in the domestic and foreign markets, using advanced reporting and business intelligence tools. We aim to hedge our risks in an ever-changing economic environment and to continuously improve the supply and operational costs for all stakeholders.

Our People

Our people are our most important asset. Our dedicated team has extensive experience and is specialized in the field of medical device procurement process with deep knowledge of the local market and a network of contacts with foreign manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, the USA and Asia. With a high commitment to corporate and Group operational procedures and transparency, we respond to our customers’ needs with speed and efficiency.

All our partnerships are formed based on the rules of business ethics.

Business Group Meeting Discussion Strategy Working Concept

Improve Purchasing Cost

We improve the purchasing cost for our customers. Through a framework of processes and best practices we map the market and by leveraging the volume of purchases and transactions we identify business opportunities and form strategic agreements with prominent suppliers, implementing purchasing programs across a wide range of medical, surgical and laboratory supplies, ensuring optimal purchasing costs and an uninterrupted flow of supplies.

Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals

We work closely with clinicians and healthcare professionals who decide on patients’ therapies and practices to retain high quality supplies while reducing operational costs.

Generate Savings

We ensure efficient procurement management by minimizing daily transactions volume and reducing administrative costs. Leveraging our integrated information systems ERP, WMS, CRM, we centrally manage our customers’ daily orders, communications, and agreements with suppliers, ensuring the quality of services and generating savings of resources for all parties involved, the hospitals, Y-Logimed and our network of suppliers.

Wide-reaching Networks of Partners

We have developed a wide-reaching network of trusted partners, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and vendors, locally and globally, to ensure continuous access to medical devices supplies. We follow a dynamic evaluation system using KPIs and high-quality standards for our partners and medical supplies selection. All the medical devices selected comply with the European and National regulatory requirements and carry all necessary certifications.All our partnerships are based on the rules of business ethics and conduct.

Supply Chain Assurance

We have access to supplies worldwide through our extensive network of trusted partners including manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and vendors from the local and global market. Applying alternative predictive models and risks management systems we achieve to ensure supply chain efficiency and supply assurance for our customers and can effectively respond to significant crises, such as the covid crisis that disrupted the global supply chain.