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A holistic medical products and services provider to Greek Healthcare Organizations and Professionals and exclusive Distributor Company of state-of-the-art medical devices of globally recognized manufacturers.

Y-Logimed provides a broad spectrum of services to the Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers of the Hellenic Healthcare Group and to the Public and Private Hospitals all over Greece with significant commercial presence in the Greek Market, representing exclusively high-end medical devices and equipment of globally recognized brands.

Y-Logimed is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hygeia S.M.S.A.

Since July 2019 Y-Logimed has been part of the Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG), the largest private healthcare provider in Greece.

Commercial Activities – Exclusive Distribution in Greece of Medical Devices of Globally Recognized Brands

Y-Logimed has a strong commercial presence in all, public and private hospitals in Greece. We represent exclusively a robust portfolio of high-end medical devices and equipment of globally recognized brands. We provide access to our customers to novel technology medical product solutions for innovative and life-changing patient therapies.

Public and private hospitals in Greece trust us for purchases of critical medical devices and equipment.


Biomedical Engineering Services and Equipment Management

We provide biomedical engineering services and manage all orders of equipment assets: from medical diagnostic and therapeutic systems to computer hardware and hospital furniture, intended for the needs of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers of the Hellenic Healthcare Group. Our experienced Team of Bioengineers provide technical and scientific support, register and monitor all medical equipment through dedicated maintenance programs.


Purchasing & Procurement Services– Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) of the Hellenic Healthcare Group

Y-Logimed is the Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) of the Hellenic Healthcare Group. We manage the purchases of all medical devices and products for the Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers belonging to the HHG in Greece and Cyprus, providing top quality supplies with optimized cost, maintaining supply chain assurance, leveraging our wide-reaching network of partners, manufacturers, local and international suppliers and utilizing data analytics and business intelligence tools.

Supply Chain Services – Logistics Center

We have built a Logistics Center providing specialized supply chain services to the Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers of the Hellenic Healthcare Group and to the Public and Private Hospitals all around Greece.

We ensure integrated, high-quality services, on time in full deliveries of medical devices by continually monitoring KPIs and conducting specialized data analyses. Since April of 2022, we operate in our private owned facilities of 4.700 square meters utilizing advanced logistics equipment and information systems.



Y-Logimed is certified in accordance with the quality standards EN ISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485:2016, ISO 22301:2019, EN ISO 14001:2015 and the Ministerial Decision ∆Y8δ/ Γ.Π.οικ./1348/2004 for the Good Distribution Practice of Medical Devices.Y-Logimed is the first and only company in the medical supplies, procurement, and distribution of hospital consumables sector in Greece certified for Business Continuity Management (BCM); as such, it ensures that all activities are uninterrupted by unforeseen risks and extraordinary events.


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Social Responsibility

For all of us at Hellenic Healthcare Group, sustainable development is a long-term goal and vision, attributing value to the strategic role of corporate responsibility in all aspects of our activities.

Recognizing our corporate responsibility towards our internal and external environment, we have prioritized four key pillars.


We operate with transparency and meritocracy, adopting risk prevention and management systems with an aim to safeguard the interests of the company, its shareholders and all other stakeholders.


Y-Logimed conducts its business within a framework of well-defined procedures, and applies a people-oriented approach, which supports its employees to perform their duties.

Corporate social responsibility stems from our corporate culture and the values we foster and accompanies all our actions associated to society.



Two of our crystal-clear commitments are to care for and to sustain the environment.


We have a clear vision, firm commitment, a consistent strategy, transparent processes, best practices and adhere to ethical principles of governance with a view to continuously upgrade the level of services we provide.