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Biomedical Engineering and Equipment Management Division

Equipment Management

Biomedical Engineering & Equipment Management Division follows an integrated system for the equipment assets purchases needs of the hospitals of Hellenic Healthcare Group that is comprised of a centralized process of orders, and the evaluation of suppliers through a standardized and documented procedure.

Biomedical Engineering & Equipment Management Division manages the purchase of:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Computer Hardware
  • Other Equipment


With the experience and know-how of our Team, the Biomedical Engineering & Equipment Management Division contributes to Y-Logimed’s research and evaluation of commercial opportunities for the distribution of medical equipment in the Greek market and also supports the Group to reach purchasing agreements with strategic equipment suppliers.

Biomedical Engineering Services

Through our Biomedical Engineers Team, we provide specialized services to our hospitals.

  • Research on new equipment purchasing needs and setting technical specifications.
  • Study of technical specifications of medical equipment
  • Supply of new medical equipment and preparation of all installation and/ or uninstallation activities.
  • Provision of specialized technical and scientific support to the HHG hospitals.
  • Shelf-life analysis of medical equipment and replacement schedule.
  • Participation in the hospitals’ annual budgeting for medical equipment purchases.


Organization of the HHG Hospitals’ Biomedical Engineering Division

  • Monitoring and recording of medical equipment (Electronic Equipment File).
  • Organization and improvement of medical equipment maintenance (preventive – corrective).
  • Re-evaluation of maintenance contracts and adaptation to the actual needs of the hospitals.
  • Installation of specialized biomedical engineering software in order to implement a dedicated database of equipment for the Hospitals